Northern New Jersey Student Delegation to Nahariya

Chag Atzmaut Sameach,

We are very proud to host the students delegation from Solomon Shechter New Milford in Nahariya.

41 students and 4 teachers came to take part in our schools ceremonies on the Memorial and Independence Day.

In the morning they were at the “Nofar Shechakim Middle Classes School” where they participated in the memorial service with 600 Israeli students (two classes at this school are their partners in the twinning project). NNJ students read the prayer for the IDFsoldiers safety.

In the evening, they were hosted by the Elementary Menachem Begin School, in which parts of the ceremony were dedicated to NNJ guests and to the  Partnership. More than 1.000 people attended the ceremony. NNJ student read the prayer “Tfilah Leshlom Hamedina”. The highlight was when 40 NNJ kids holding Israel flags joined the Human Magen David formed by the Nahariya kids.

On Friday morning  the American students and their Nofar twins will meet for a trp in “Ramat Hanadiv” in Zichron Yaakov. This will be the real informal opportunity for them  to talk and to spend time together and hopefully to deepen their ties.

As you see, for the last two weeks we have been sharing many special twinning activities, including the Holocaust Day, the Memorial Day and Independence. Two students delegations to three different schools and two skype conferences affected almost 2.000 people.

Chag Sameach