Partnership Sculpture Unveiled in Nahariya

An unveiling ceremony was held for the Partnership sculpture, as part of the “In the Mirror of Art” community exhibition of works by artists from Nahariya and Northern Jew Jersey

The event, which took place this week at the Nahariya Historical Museum at Beit Lieberman and attracted numerous participants, was divided into two parts.

The first part consisted of a gallery talk with the artists who participated in the exhibition, moderated by the director of Nahariya Municipality’s Department of Culture and Public Relations, Galia Mor.

Galia thanked the artists whose works were on display, which gave those who so desired an opportunity to present their works to the audience and to share the vantage point from which they view their community.

Yehonatan Bohadana, an artist/art teacher and curator of the Beit Lieberman museum exhibition, spoke about the friendly relationship with the New Jersey artists that both sides strive to maintain, while expressing warm memories of the artists’ visit to Nahariya.

Sarit Ron, who is currently vacationing in Israel, was also in attendance and spoke about the warm relations that had developed between the communities and the people involved in every partnership project.

During the second part of the event the partnership sculpture was unveiled. The sculpture was created jointly by Yehonatan, Roberta Millman-Ide, Doryne Davis and Fred Spinovitz, who took part (along with Uzi Silver) in the Resident Artist project in May.

The sculpture consists of two semi-abstract images; the images gaze upon one another while engaged in dance movements.

The sculpture expresses the idea of partnership: two communities dancing together, watching each other and forging a relationship; the name of the work is Beyahad – Together.

The sculpture was installed at the Nahariya Historical Museum at Beit Leiberman.