About the Partnership

The vision of the Partnership is to form a unified community between Nahariya and northern New Jersey, linked together by shared experiences that deepen the ties between us, to promote Jewish identity and emphasize the centrality of the State of Israel. Through our Partnership, we strive to ensure the strength and continuity of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

Task Forces

Our Programs

  • Nahar Deiah Chesed Projects – Providing funds for the Machsan Chesed (Charity Center) that sells donated clothes and dry goods to approximately 200 families each week.
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program for the Special Child – prepares children with special needs for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony. Reaching out to all sectors of the community (Orthodox, Reform, Masorti, secular, new immigrants), o  ering every child the opportunity to experience this important ‘life-cycle’ event.
  • Kehilat Emet V’Shalom Adult Activities Program – Federation funds an outreach program for older Argentinean Olim.
  • Gesher Encounter Seminars & Jewish Identity Programs – Gesher (Hebrew for bridge) is dedicated to bridging the gap between secular and religious Israelis. Federation funds encounter seminars and Jewish identity classes for secular Israelis in Nahariya.
  • Nirim Shchunot (Nirim in the Neighborhood) – Federation initiated and supports Nirim in Nahariya. Combines leadership training with Outward Bound types of activities with clubhouses and safe spaces for youth in troubled neighborhoods.
  • Bayit Cham (Warm House) – a place for at-risk girls to go for tutoring, counseling, and social activities.. Federation funds counselors and teachers who work with the participants.
  • Amal School Smart Classroom – through World ORT, Federation has funded the hardware, software, materials and the training for 8 Smart Classrooms.

For further information please contact:

In northern New Jersey:

Sarit Ron
Community and Medical Task Force Coordinator
Phone: 201-820-3907

Phyllis H. Miller
Education Task Force Coordinator
Phone: 201-820-3919

In Nahariya:

Ravit Steinmetz-Shemla
Community Task Force Coordinator
ravits@jafi .org
Phone: +972-4-951-2976

Mercedes Hadad
Education Task Force Coordinator
Phone: +972-52-456-5290